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SE3 - Ep3: Let's Talk about Food Rules

SE3 - Ep3: Let's Talk about Food Rules

This week I am back with a solo episode were I will be exploring Food Rules.

What is a “food rule”?

Well it could be a lot of things. But basically it is anything that tells you what to eat, how much and when. Calorie counting.

Are there benefits of having food rules?

Yes for sure. There are reasons we feel drawn to them. I explore this in this episode.

Where do we learn these food rules? And are you questioning if it is true?

Lots of food rules include cutting out foods or entire food groups. When and where did you learn that this was something that you were supposed to do?

Many food rules are learned through family, society, diets. Do we question if it is true? Lots of nutrition information is contradictory.

What are some of the challenges of having food rules? Are your rules having negative unintended consequences?

Let’s take a look at this shall we.

Rules vs structure

What is the difference? In this episode I will explore how you can move from food rules to structure that can also support your relationship with food.

And finally… If your rules aren’t working for you anymore. How do you let them go?

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The Joyful + Nourishment Podcast
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