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SE 1Episode 7 – Tuning Into Fullness

SE 1Episode 7 – Tuning Into Fullness


In this week’s episode I’ll talk about exploring fullness.

In this episode I talk about:

  • What is comfortable fullness?

  • Is fullness and satisfaction the same thing?

  • How eating enough food can feel grounding and helps establish a sense of safety in the body.

  • Some of the reasons why it might be difficult to stop eating, even if you think that you are eating enough

  • How overeating or binge eating is often a result of restriction or deprivation

This episode is a little bit shorter than previous ones, apparently I didn’t have as much to say on this topic as I thought. However, I still think you will get some useful insights out of it.

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Joyful + Nourishment
The Joyful + Nourishment Podcast
This is a Podcast about all things that helps or hinders us from having a joyful + nourishing relationship with food, eating and our bodies. We talk about Diet Culture, eating disorder recovery, binge eating, emotional eating and body image distress.
Joyful, pleasurable nourishment is a radical act in a culture that wants us to stay small.