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SE3 -Ep5: From Weight loss to Weight Incusive Care with Dr Michelle Tubman

SE3 -Ep5: From Weight loss to Weight Incusive Care with Dr Michelle Tubman

In this week’s episode I speak with Canadian Dr Michelle Tubman about her personal and professional move from coaching for weight loss, to instead offering weight inclusive care.

Body acceptance advocate Dr. Michelle Tubman is the founder of Wayza Health and host of the popular podcast Thrive Beyond Size. Her coaching programs are designed to liberate women from the dangerous diet culture dominating their lives ever since they were old enough to understand a world in which their weight determined their worth.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The harms of diets

  • How weight centric training is at the core of medical (healthcare training)

  • What implicit weight bias looks and sounds like in action

  • How much Michelle’s relationship with food, her body and her life improved when she stopped dieting

  • How there are many, many ways that you can support your health that has nothing to do with pursuing intentional weight loss.

  • Clues that your relationship with food might not be that healthy

  • What Weight Inclusive Care can look like

Michelle is a lovely, sympathetic person and I personally feel hearing her story and journey, especially being both a medical Dr and a woman in a larger body, brings a nuance and context to this challenging topic of weight and health.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did enjoy recording it!

      And if you want more of these types of conversations come join me, Michelle and psychologist Alexis Conason and Dietitian Brianna Theus in a discussion next Wed June 5th that is being hosted by The Center for Mindful Eating

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