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SE2 - Episode 3: How to navigating the holiday season

SE2 - Episode 3: How to navigating the holiday season

This week’s episode is a solo one with me. I wanted to put together something for everyone who missed the online workshop I did with

last week. This time of year can be particularly challenging if you are trying to move away from dieting or are in eating disorder recovery. There are typically lots of food, social events (centred around food & alcohol) and we might spend more time with family than what we normally do.

This can amplify all of the typical challenges you have around food, eating and body image. So to give you some suggestions for how to navigate this I made this episode.

I am also answering two listener questions. If you have a question you would like me to answer anonymously in a future episode just drop me an email to with the heading QUESTION.

And I leave you with another question to ponder:

What would it be like if you don’t start a new diet in January? How might this influence your food choices over the next couple of weeks?

Finally thank you for being a supporter and listener to The Joyful + Nourishment Podcast. It is inching closer to 1000 downloads. Not that numbers matters but to me it means that there are people out there how are listening and hopefully it is making even a little difference in how you navigate food and body image stuff.

The last episode of 2023 will be live on the 29th of Dec and it is another guest episode, not to be missed!

Previous podcast episodes mentioned in this episode: (SE1 - Ep7  & SE2 - Ep2)

I am not taking on any new clients this year but if you want to book in for a free 30 min call to explore getting some support in the New Year you can still do that here.

With blessings,


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The Joyful + Nourishment Podcast
This is a Podcast about all things that helps or hinders us from having a joyful + nourishing relationship with food, eating and our bodies. We talk about Diet Culture, eating disorder recovery, binge eating, emotional eating and body image distress.
Joyful, pleasurable nourishment is a radical act in a culture that wants us to stay small.