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SE3 - Ep4: From Self Objectification to Self Care with Anna Strickland

SE3 - Ep4: From Self Objectification to Self Care with Anna Strickland

This week’s episode is a real gem, if I do say so myself. If you are someone who struggles with body image then this episode is for you. And if you know someone who might benefit from this week’s episode, please feel free to share it with them too.


Anna Strickland is an empowerment coach, photographer and circus expert with a strong focus on social justice.

She finds creative solutions to help people reclaim their bodies, their energy and their time.

As photographer HeardinLondon, as a coach in and as a community organiser for Survivors of gendered abuse with True You, she combines her passion for creative solutions with a drive for radical intersectional solutions at their core.

HeardinLondon centres people in marginalised bodies to allow them to feel seen, valued and like they deserve to take up space.

Self Care offers radical life coaching and mindset tools for people in an accessible format with free spaces for folks who need them.

Anna is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration through her different professional and lived experiences and brings a fresh perspective to how we look at ourselves. Not just in the mirror but also through photography and on our phones.

In this episode we talk about:

-          How taking selfies first seemed like an empowering thing to do, but then turned into another self oppressive tool

-          Self objectification aka. viewing our bodies as objects

-          The potential harms of using face tune filters

-          Turning down the Inner Critic and humanise yourself in the images you see

-          The intersection of body image, self care and social justice

- How you can move from self objectification to self care

There are so many gems and helpful guidance throughout this episode. I hope you enjoy it as much I did recording this episode with Anna.

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