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SE2 - Episode 10: Move your body with love with Ana Stefan

SE2 - Episode 10: Move your body with love with Ana Stefan

I can’t believe that this is the final episode of Season 2 of The Joyful Nourishment Podcast! Thank you for being here with me and my guests at this podcast journey is unfolding. It is wonderful to receive comments and feedback from listeners how the content is helpful.

Because the is of course what I am hoping it will be. On a more selfish note, I will admit that I am loving having the opportunity to talk with so many of my peers and colleagues through this experience and I have hopes of many more to come.

For the final episode of Season two I am sharing with you my conversation about movement as path to body acceptance and moving our bodies with love, that I had with Pilates and Yoga Teacher Ana Stefan.

Because movement and exercise can become so bound up in weigh loss pursuits, which often affects our relationship with moving our body, speaking with someone who take as different approach to this felt very important.

Ana Stefan, aka The Aligned Body Coach, helps women to see how truly amazing their bodies - and full selves - are, through mindful and aligned movement. She combines her wisdom in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Myofascial Movement and Breathwork to take a mindful approach to movement that supports women in attaining their Aligned Body.

In this episode we talk about Ana’s own journey with movement and exercise and how approaching it with functionality in mind, rather than weight loss set her on both a new career path, but also towards body acceptance and gratitude for her body.

I am also delighted to find out that Ana is a big foodie and get a lot of pleasure from food, just like me!

Enjoy this conversation.

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Instagram: @thealignedbodycoach

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