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SE 2 - Episode 1: Owning Your Story - With Kristi Koeter

SE 2 - Episode 1: Owning Your Story - With Kristi Koeter


Thank you for reading Joyful + Nourishment, a weekly publication and an online community with conversations about our relationship with food, eating and our bodies.

I believe eating can be easy and that it is possible to find peace and freedom in how we relate to our bodies.

Let’s explore together in community. You deserve to have this too.

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Welcome the Season 2 of The Joyful + Nourishment Podcast. From now on the pace will be a little slower and you can expect a new episode every other week instead of weekly. I am honouring the space of enough right now, and this is the pace it takes when it comes to the podcast.

We are kicking off this season with my conversation with Kristi Koeter

Kristi is a marketing and communications leader with 20 years of experience as a journalist, writer, and editor. She is the mother of two children who have been diagnosed with and treated for eating disorders. She is co-author of the book Show Your Work and writes the newsletter Almost Sated, about detoxing from diet culture. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her mountain biking, hiking, or spending time with her family in Austin, Texas.

Kristi is my Substack friend and her excellent newsletter Almost Sated, where she chronicles her own journey and experiences in moving away from a lifetime of dieting and body loathing, is well worth subscribing to. She also has an interview series over there where others share their stories of moving away from dieting too and it has been interesting to see how each person’s story is somewhat different, but also similar in many ways.

In this conversation we talk about her experience as a parent to two daughters who developed anorexia at a young age, and how when her 2nd daughter was in recovery this became a catalyst to look at some of her own long held beliefs and rules about what she “should” eat and how her body “should” look like.

She is over a year into her own process at this stage and shares candidly about the ups and downs of it all, so far.

This episode is helpful for anyone who is a parent or relative of a child or young person in recovery from and eating disorder. And I believe it will also benefit anyone how are on their own journey of recovery and food freedom.

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Joyful + Nourishment
The Joyful + Nourishment Podcast
This is a Podcast about all things that helps or hinders us from having a joyful + nourishing relationship with food, eating and our bodies. We talk about Diet Culture, eating disorder recovery, binge eating, emotional eating and body image distress.
Joyful, pleasurable nourishment is a radical act in a culture that wants us to stay small.